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    Anbagam rescues or takes in mentally ill men, helps them regain mental health, and reunites them with the families and communities they were a part of. At its centres in Chennai (Tamilnadu) and Mulakalacheruvu.

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    Anbagam is very thankful to “The Chennai Silks” for the donation of 1.61 Acre land near Redhills, Chennai.

    Why is that once some people from amongst us cross the thin line between mental health and mental illness, it is as though they have crossed over to another world – where they are all alone, from which they can never return? Our mentally ill destitutes also require regular medication. You can donate to cover the monthly medical expenses which keep our mentally ill destitutes to mentally and physically healthy.

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    Getting Involved In 3 Steps

    If you come across mentally ill person wandering on the roads or Streets

    please don’t hesitate to call 94440 09988 or 044 – 2901 3306

    Anbagam will rescue and rehabilitate them as per the procedures

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    The mentally ill destitutes always welcome visitors and you can spend sometime in their midst
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    Report - February 2017

    Anbagam rescues or takes in mentally ill person’s, helps them regain mental health, and reunites them.

    Total Rescued (2840)
    Discharged (2346)
    Present destitutes (320)

    Video Walk

    Words from mentally ill destitutes from our Shelter