Service to Humanity, Service to God

Modern Living Spaces

The two-storied building flaunts spacious rooms to accommodate the mentally ill destitutes in a positive ambience.  A modern kitchen with a common dining hall helps the mentally ill destitutes to discover the joy of companionship.

Television Room

The television is a part of the courtyard where the mentally ill destitutes gather at designated hours for entertainment and bonhomie. All mentally ill destitutes enjoy watching television.

Clean Bathrooms

Most mentally ill destitutes are found on the roads in a terribly unkempt state. The bathrooms are the first stop where newly brought mentally ill destitutes are given a bath.

Medical Check Ups

The mentally ill destitutes are regularly put through medical check-ups often by the visiting doctors to ensure they are in good physical shape and that their return to mental health is on track.

Animal Farm

The bird song gently wafts in the air casting a sense of mirth and cheering up the darkest moods. The cow shed with its bovine mentally ill destitutes is a means of occupation for those wishing to spend their time constructively.

Newspaper Subscription

Anbagam subscribes to vernacular newspapers and magazines to ensure that those mentally ill destitutes who enjoy a few quiet moments with the written word.

Healthy Food

The kitchen produces healthy food with a different menu everyday for the mentally ill destitutes. The food is balanced and is served at fixed times to ensure healthy eating habits.

Medical Assistance

Anbagam makes sure that the medicines prescribed by the doctor are given to the mentally ill destitutes. In severe cases, the mentally ill destitutes are given medicines 2-3 times a day to bring them to a normal state.

Biogas Plant

Anbagam has an in-house biogas plant which partially takes care of the energy required for cooking fuel. The cow shed provides the raw material which is then stored in a compost pit to form the natural gas.


Anbagam is surrounded by trees and plants which are tended by the mentally ill destitutes as a past time. The garden is planned aesthetically and reflects the hard work of the mentally ill destitutes.

Common Courtyard

The common courtyard is spacious with chairs laid out for the mentally ill destitutes to rest on after a meal or spend a few pleasant evenings filled with friendly banter.

Personal Care

The mentally ill destitutes of Anbagam are treated gently by the staff, who are friends more than guardians. In the beginning, the new mentally ill destitutes are constantly guided to ensure they adapt to the routine and get their lives back on track.

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