This is the story of Mrs.Varalakshmi who admit our trust [TERDOD] in 2013 she married she was doing export business and tailoring up to 2000 she is having one son and one daughter her husband expired ,after his death she was informed that he was borrowed so heavy amount from so many people for the purpose of repaying the borrowed amounts by selling are export shop, after that she was attacked by paralysis due to right leg and right hand become insensitive then the father as of church given her shelter ,the church people converted are Christian ,and living that church people ,the mean time she lost her house hold materials and she given a complaint on the police station the police behavior inquiring about theft .her mother told police that she was mentally ill and asked the police don’t take the any action about theft .for that for pass the police bring her to the about trust and admitted her in the trust now she forget and feeling very well and also doing the tailoring work for the inmates for the trust, now she unwilling to leave the trust .