Frequently Asked Questions

What does Anbagam do once they take charge of the reported person?

The mentally ill person is brought to the Anbagam Rehabilitation Center and given a bath, hair cut and a shave to bring them back to a civilized state. Then, the patient undergoes a thorough examination by the doctor who immediately charts a rehabilitation plan. The patient is then provided with food and shelter with the supervisor guiding him to get used to the center and other inmates. As per the protocol, Anbagam works in tandem with the local Police who are informed every time a new inmate is brought into the center.

If I call to report a mentally ill person, would I have to go through paper work or any other formalities?

No. You do not have to go through the grind. Anbagam takes complete charge of the situation, including the paper work.

What would Anbagam do once I make the call?

After receiving your call, Anbagam would send resources to pick up the person and bring them to the centre where they are put on a rehabilitation process.

What should I do when I spot a mentally ill person on the road?

Once you spot a mentally ill person on the roads, you can call the helpline numbers listed here. After you call Anbagam, the rest of the formalities are carried out as per the required protocol.