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We help everyone and bring them a better life

Service to Humanity

Anbagam is established by TERDOD, a public Charitable Trust in 1999. Initially, it was established at the residential premises of the founder in Chennai city. Later it was shifted to the present premises at Vichur, Tirunilai. Currently there are 100 mentally ill destitutes (June 2014) both men and women.

During 2013, TERDOD and Corporation of Chennai had entered into an agreement to run a rehabilitation centre at the C D Hospital, Tondiarpet. There also, facilities that are available at Anbagam is provided. Every day morning, doctors from the Corporation hospital visit the centre and provide service to the needy.

Like in Anbagam, here also, mentally ill destitutes are provided with good quality food, separate block for men and women,entertainment facilities and rehabilitation. Currently there 90 mentally ill destitutes at the CD Hospital centre.

For over a decade

We have been saving several lives

Why is that once some people from amongst us cross the thin line between mental health and mental illness, it is as though they have crossed over to another world – where they are all alone, from which they can never return? Anbagam rescues or takes in mentally ill destitute, helps them regain mental health, and reunites them with the families and communities they were a part of. At its centres in Chennai (Tamilnadu) and Mulakalacheruvu (Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh), Anbagam cares for (number) men who have been rescued and are being rehabilitated with complete and personalized attention.

Lives We Saved

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How we help


So far more than 1450 mentally ill destitutes were rehabilitated under proper supervision of Doctors, who hail from all corners of India.

Provide Medical Facilities

Free medical dispensary functions at the premises benefitting the mentally ill destitutes and also the people of the village.

Provide Food and Shelter

All mentally ill destitutes are provided with good quality food, separate block for men and women,entertainment facilities

Reunite With Family

After proper caring, when mentally ill destitutes are able to provide details of their family, Now Destitutes are sent back to their native place with escorts.

It is when you give of yourself that you truly give

Donations, in cash or kind, are most welcome. You can offer monetary assistance for the day-to-day upkeep of the organization or donate provisions like rice, lentils, oil, soap, bedspreads, clothes and other such goods.

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