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The world is filled with many kind souls but there are very few who are compassionate enough to walk the extra mile. Mr. Mohammed Rafi, the proprietor of a flourishing small business in Parry’s (Chennnai), chose to look beyond his busy life and see a need that not many see, to take a challenging path where few have dared to step. Anbagam, a home for mentally ill men, was the brain child of his ceaseless and colossal efforts. Realizing a need to go beyond material help, such as food or small money, Mr. Rafi established Anbagam to not just rescue mentally ill men wasting on the roads but also to reinstate their broken soul.

Anbagam’s Growth

The inception of Anbagam was just the initial step in the journey of a thousand miles. Started in 1999, the early days saw mentally ill destitutes housed in the residence of Mr. Mohammed Rafi, the founder.As the number of mentally ill destitutes increased, there was an acute need for more living space and amenities. In order to meet this crucial need, Anbagam developed into a full-fledged welfare organization with sponsors to support its growing needs.

In 2002, the Anbagam centre was constructed in a village near Red Hills (Chennai), providing the mentally ill destitutes with an ideal environment, far away from the hustle of the city and closer to nature’s healing touch. In 2006, the Andhra Pradesh center for Anbagam was created to carry forth the mission of saving lost souls. Anbagam has successfully rehabilitated 488 mentally ill patients and currently houses 63 mentally ill destitutes, providing them with professional support and personal care to banish the darkness within them and walk out into the light of the day.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean

As Anbagam transformed into a full fledged welfare organization, a board of trustees was created. The following individuals are an integral part of Anbagam, playing a key role in propelling it forward on the pathways of success.

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Words from mentally ill destitutes from our Shelter

Getting Involved In 3 Steps


If you come across mentally ill person wandering on the roads or Streets


please don’t hesitate to call 94440 09988 or 044 – 2901 3306


Anbagam will rescue and rehabilitate them as per the procedures

Report - October 2015

Anbagam rescues or takes in mentally ill men, helps them regain mental health, and reunites them with the families and communities

Total Rescued (1640)
Discharged (1400)
Present destitutes (240)